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We are looking forward to a full schedule of upcoming club fitting days.  These are great opportunities to experience different options that just may optimize your performance.   Performing better is more fun!  

We have a great line-up in store for you.
May 17th - 10AM - 3PM - XXIO
May 19th - 10AM - 3PM - Titleist
June 7th - 10AM - 2PM - Cobra
June 14th - 10AM - 2PM - Mizuno
June 21st - 10AM - 3PM - Taylor Made

Book your fitting appointment with the golf shop.  They will run in half hour increments and there is no charge to participate.  It is best to bring along your current equipment in order to compare the performance. All Fitting days will have company representatives that will combine their experience as a fitter as well as technology use of Trackman or the like.
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