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All New Menus-Take Out Available
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
The Grille Hours:
8am to 8pm Tuesday Through Thursday & Sunday, 8am to 9pm Friday & Saturday

Since 2004 we have been serving the breathtaking Somersett Community with American Eclectic Dining. We are committed to providing quality food, outstanding service, and a family-oriented atmosphere. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner six days a week presenting unique specials daily. Grab a bite to go when making the turn during your round or catch the beverage cart for your golf refreshments.

Dine with us to experience views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the neighboring community. Reservations are not required but are greatly appreciated.

*Effective July 15, 2024, a convenience fee of 3% will be applied to all credit/debit card transactions to offset the increasing processing fees incurred by the Club.


Secure your reservation today and join us at The Grille for an experience that goes beyond the plate. Because here, it's not just about the meal, it's about the moments we create together!

Hours of Operation

Members Lounge-Tuesday through Sunday-8am to 8pm

The Grille Dining Room-Tuesday through Sunday-8am to 8pm

Turn Stand Seasonal-Tuesday through Sunday-7:30am to 8pm

Take Out-Tuesday through Sunday 11am to 8pm

For questions call 775-787-1800 Extension: 3

*With all of the fantastic food being served and the great pricing on beer, wine and cocktails, please remember there is no outside food and beverage allowed at the Club. Thank you.