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Somersett Golf & Country Club aims to be the premier private golf club in northwest Nevada. Our commitment is to deliver unmatched golfing experiences, exceptional service, and a vibrant social community. Discover excellence and camaraderie at Somersett Golf & Country Club, your top choice for private golf in the region.


At Somersett Golf & Country Club, our mission is to provide an unparalleled golf and country club experience for our esteemed members, their families, and our valued guests. We are dedicated to cultivating enduring relationships through tailored services and outstanding facilities, all while maintaining an unwavering dedication to excellence.


In the rugged hills west of Reno, eighteen years ago, Blake Smith envisioned opportunity amidst what many saw as mere sagebrush and rolling terrain. He foresaw "Somersett," a six-mile master-planned community slated to house 3,300 homes upon completion.

In 1991, Smith embarked on acquiring the land that now forms the Somersett Community. The endeavor posed significant challenges, with 43 landowners holding parcels ranging from 40 to 80 acres. Initially funding the project himself for four years, he utilized profits from his commercial mortgage company, which he established in 1987 at the age of 27.

Securing the land was just the beginning, Smith navigated numerous legal and political obstacles to steer the project towards fruition.

In 2001, the vision to create a signature golf course at the heart of the vibrant Somersett Community was entrusted to Tom Kite. Alongside KBR architects Roy Bechtol and Randy Russell, the project commenced in May 2002, with markers set and outlines drawn amidst the rugged Nevada hillsides.

Over time, this vision transformed into the awe-inspiring reality of the Tom Kite Signature Championship Golf Course, seamlessly blending with the natural beauty of the high desert landscape. Kite's design philosophy echoed the grandeur of the land, leading to the enlargement of features like bunkers and lakes to match the scale. The challenge of elevation changes prompted the adoption of a 400-foot-wide golf envelope, ensuring ample space for play and diverse shot opportunities.

The meticulous craftsmanship extended to the bent grass greens, meticulously shaped to USGA standards with generous proportions and numerous pin locations. As the course took shape, the summer of 2004 marked the opening of the first nine holes, signaling the beginning of an exciting chapter for Somersett Golf & Country Club. With the full 18-hole course completed in 2005, the club solidified its reputation as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts.

The inaugural round played by Tom Kite on September 18, 2004, was a momentous occasion, celebrated by members, guests, media, and local dignitaries alike. This event firmly established Somersett Golf & Country Club as an iconic landmark on the golfing map, a testament to vision, skill, and harmonious integration with nature.


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